We believe that education is the key to any success, and this is never more true as riders are forging partnerships with their horses adopted from Friends of Ferdinand. To this end, in partnership with the Indiana Eventing Association, we are thrilled to be able to help our adopters with the costs of clinics/show fees. We look for adopters who have goals and we are pleased to help our adopters continue their education as riders and our horses in their chosen disciplines.

The Details:

Any adopter/owner and any horse that has been adopted from Friends of Ferdinand. If you have purchased a Friends of Ferdinand horse from an adopter, you are eligible as well.

Eligible horses are only those horses who have been adopted directly from Friends of Ferdinand. Ineligible horses are those horses that have been adopted from any other organization, or were purchased directly from the track either with/ or without our assistance or referral.

Only one award per horse/rider combination in 2016. Horse substitutions are not permitted under any circumstances. If your Friends of Ferdinand horse is unable to participate in the event, your award will be forfeited to the next horse/rider on the wait-list.

Currently, five $200 awards will be made to the first 5 qualifying applications received to offset clinic fees, camp fees or rated/recognized show fees. Event camps qualify, however children's summer camps and schooling shows are not eligible.

Clinics, camps and rated/recognized shows occurring in 2016. The first 5 applications received that meet the qualifying criteria, with a horse adopted from Friends of Ferdinand will be notified of the award. All others will be placed on a wait list and will be notified if awards are forfeited.

Because our horses are located throughout the country, this opportunity has no geographical limits, however preference is given to clinics, camps and shows occurring in the mid-west.

The purpose of this program is to reinforce our commitment to our adopters and our horses, to encourage quality professional involvement in the evolving horse/rider partnerships, provide an additional benefit to Friends of Ferdinand adopters and encourage potential adopters to consider Friends of Ferdinand horses.