2006 Gelding, 16 hands
Judge Vonsteubon - Racin for Rachel
Adoption Fee - $750 - Adopted

Jaydee is a 2006 OTTB that would do well with a rider who is looking for a low-level jumper, B/N or Novice eventer, or someone who wants to play in the dressage sandbox. Jaydee has clean legs, a fabulous canter to ride, a willingness to learn every day and likes head hugs. He is a bit of a stereotypical OTTB with energy, drive and athleticism.

Jaydee's age provides a slightly different angle that he is green to advanced flat work, but he also has a little bit of a been there done that about other things and he is not spooky. He clips muzzle and bridle path, respects your space, has manners, can be caught from the herd, and is fine for the farrier.

Jaydee did race for a longer than most, but was retired remarkably sound. The beauty here is that if a long racing career didn't break him, there isn't much that an amateur/novice rider is going to ask him to do that will. However, like most OTTBs (and all horses eventually), his hocks are fusing (lower joints, he has recent Xrays). This will pass, and in the meantime the vets have really great and not expensive tools and recommendations to keep Jaydee happy the two of you trucking along smashingly. If having to do a little routine joint maintenance freaks you out, Jaydee is not your guy.

Jaydee has been ridden with a fat snaffle or rubber mouth and is currently barefoot, but with consistent work we do think he would benefit from front shoes.

Jaydee will do well with a confident amateur rider that has light hands and reasonable control of their body parts. He's not a classic hunter-type though. He is a sensitive guy that appreciates a saddle that fits, a rider who has a wonderful habit of giving lots of 'good boy' pats and doesn't sweat the small stuff but instead laughs at it. He is a forward ride and a wee bit antsy. Therefore, Jaydee is not for beginner riders or amateurs who consider working with a trainer as unnecessary.

Did we mention that he has lead changes installed?

Photo credit: Liz Hord and Amy Latka Photography

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