Bernice Barbour Foundation Supports Veterinary Expenses for Retired Racehorses

  Dec 28, 2015   admin


The Bernice Barbour Foundation is a private tax-exempt foundation, was established in 1986 by the late Bernice Wall Barbour, a lifelong resident of New Jersey. Through her entire life, she devoted much of her thought, energy and resources toward making the lives of animals happier and healthier. Animals and their well-being were of such importance to her that she created the foundation to continue her life's work in perpetuity.

The Bernice Barbour Foundation supports the preservation and care of animals and the prevention of cruelty to animals. The foundation supports nonprofit organizations whose purpose is to benefit animals. In 2016, Friends of Ferdinand will use the support provided by the Bernice Barbour Foundation to offset veterinary expenses related to the transitioning of racehorses into the next chapter of their lives, providing opportunities to heal from injuries, and prepare for adoption.

Friends of Ferdinand is proud to have the opportunity to honor Bernice Barbour's legacy by giving at-risk racehorses the opportunity to heal and transition into the next chapter of their lives.