One More Horse: How it Works

We started a FundRazr campaign because we are usually at capacity and people are always reaching out to us to help a horse that they have come across. It is hard for us to say no, only because of funding limitations and we know it is even harder for you to hear it. The One More Horse Campaign is a crowd-sourcing effort specifically for the horses that you find, that move you to act.

Gather your friends and your neighbors to contribute to the campaign to help One More Horse. A little here, a little there will add up fast, and when we reach our goal we will be able to take One More Horse, maybe even the horse whose big, sad, brown eyes you can't stop thinking about.

It costs an average of $2,500 for an intake exam and routine vet expenses, transport, hay, grain, bedding, farrier and retraining through adoption. When WE get close to having raised $2,500 through the One More Horse Campaign, we will start looking for that One More Horse that needs a soft place to land, a warm stall, a full belly, a fresh start, a second chance, or a humane end instead of starving or a truck ride over the boarder.

Help Us, Help You Save One More Horse

Quarantine, long-distance transport and bail funds may be extra, depending on the situation. For these reasons, we do prefer horses to come from the midwest: KY, IL, IN or OH.

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