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Adoption Process

Adoption FAQ's

Advantages of Choosing to Adopt from Friends of Ferdinand:

1. The horses are not unknowns.  

  • Unlike buying a horse right off the track from someone who may or may not know anything about the horse's history, when you adopt from Friends of Ferdinand, you are adopting a horse that has had a thorough intake exam that is often more in-depth than a standard PPE. 
  • We figure them out. We have them long enough that they tell us what they like to eat, their preferred turnout, if they need shoes, how they are off property, and all the other questions for a horse transitioning into a new life.
  • We've ridden them, more than just once or twice. Why is this remarkable?  Well, typically, the first few rides are uneventful.  They are generally happy to go around, but sometimes, after they have settled in, gotten to know the routine, made friends in turnout, they will show us their baggage.  They are never bad, but its after a bit of time we learn who is the prankster, timid, bold, forgiving, sensitive. All our horses spend at least 30 days at our training facility before becoming available for adoption.
  • They've been ridden by both a professional and amateur riders. Why is this important?  A pro can make a spicy, sensitive horse look easy and amazing, whereas an amateur rider on the same horse has a tough and frustrating ride.  When we talk to your people and you come for a visit, Lori will quickly assess your riding level and match you with the right horse for you.  

 2.  You can actually ride the horses.

  • We don't expect you to trust us, we earn it. Come Ride. Get a PPE. Ask all your questions. 

3.  You get a 30-day trial.  

  • Take it home and make sure the horses settles in well.
  • Have it vetted by your own vet, that you trust.
  • Have the horse evaluated by your farrier and your trainer. 
  • And if it doesn't seem like it's a good fit, the horse can come back within 30-days, and your adoption fee will be REFUNDED. 

4. The horses can always come back.

  • Life Happens. Marriage, Kids, Divorce, Change Jobs, Loose Jobs, Injuries, Riding Goals Change.  Things change, we get it. If your FFI adopted horse ever needs to return to us, our barn doors are open.  It's just that simple.

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