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Pre-Visit Checklist and Barn Rules

Liability Release - please print, sign and bring with you

Visits to the horses are by appointment only.  We are looking forward to your visit and want to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all participants.  Please adhere to directions given by the barn owners and trainers who are working with Friends of Ferdinand and review the check-list below for an enjoyable and productive visit.

  •  Please leave your four-legged companions at home. There are dogs that call the re-training facility home, and while they are awesome dogs your dogs may not agree, and then chaos ensues.  Let's just avoid all of that.  It must also be said that we prefer you to also leave your other horses at home. If, for some reason, your bringing another horse with you on your visit, make sure this is cleared with the facility ahead of your visit and make sure you bring a clear coggins and a record of vaccinations. 
  • No firearms, weapons or ammunition is allowed on Barn Property. Yes, experience dictates that this must be said. :(
  • Children must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. It's fine if you bring your kids, but if you're riding, you can't supervise them.  So, think ahead and bring someone with you to help you supervise the little people while you are riding.
  • Please make sure anyone accompanying you is wearing proper footwear (no open toe shoes or sandals) to be around horses. 
  • If you are running more than 15 minutes late or early, please call (or text) to let us know. Nothing makes us more grumpy than sitting around waiting on an adopter that then shows up a couple of hours late and are now interfering with lessons or feeding time.

IF you intend to ride:

  • Please bring your Saddle and Helmet
  • Please wear or bring a pair of riding boots/shoes with a heel suitable for riding
  • Please bring your completed and signed liability form.
  • There is a $35 fee for the time that Lori spends with you.  Please bring cash or a check.