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Brent Sumja Sets an Example for Handicapper's by Giving Back to the Thoroughbred Athletes

Brent Sumja Sets an Example for Handicapper's by Giving Back to the Thoroughbred Athletes

There are thoroughbreds across the US that get a chance at a 2nd career whenever Brent Sumja and his friends have a good day at the races. Most recently, Brent had a good day at the Breeder's Cup and the horses at Friends of Ferdinand received an unexpected $1,000 donation!

Brent is a former racehorse trainer turned professional handicapper and this isn't the first time he's given back to the athletes that provide him entertainment and a living. It's clear that when you talk to Brent that he is passionate about both the sport and the potential that handicappers have to really make a difference for horses when their racing careers end. Friends of Ferdinand met Brent earlier this year when he helped retire and support a horse name Bisque, with whom he had a personal connection.

Brent and his circle of professional handicappers are hoping to be examples and set trends through their personal philanthropy and leadership, supporting organizations such as Friends of Ferdinand, Second Stride, GEVA of California and Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance among others. Friends of Ferdinand is proud and grateful to have earned a spot alongside these leading organizations in Thoroughbred Aftercare.

Handicappers, professional and amateur alike, have a real opportunity to change the end-story for a great many athletes and contribute in very meaningful and positive ways. The horses don't "have IRA's or 401K's" to rely on when their racing career ends and it takes everyone, including the handicappers, working together to make sure they don't end up in the wrong hands.

"Quite a few of my tournament competitors have been amazing in sharing their good fortune when they make a nice score. They are acknowledging that these tremendous athletes are providing all of us with entertainment and it's cool and much needed to give back a little to them for retirement. They do not have IRA's and 401k's"

Brent, we salute you! On behalf of the horses - Rock On (and keep winning)!

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