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Meet Dr. Blackwell

Meet Dr. Blackwell

What inspired you to pursue veterinary medicine?  
When I was about four or five years old I began saying I wanted to be a horse doctor and never deviated from that path.  I was told many times that I was too small, that's not a profession for girls, or it's too hard.  Nothing deterred me.  I love medicine and something about it made sense to me.  Of course I love
animals, but I love medicine. I began volunteering with several veterinarians in the area and found that vet med was truly my passion. 

What is your favorite part of your job?
When I can fix the problem!

How did you first get involved with FFI?
I began working for FFI from the beginning.  Sara and I both had a love of OTTB and rescues, so it was a natural fit. 

What is your favorite part of supporting the organization?
Knowing that every horse is given the best opportunity for a new career.  The organization is very good at ensuring that horses are sound mentally and physically and being transparent with any potential problems. FFI also will take a horse back if the match isn't working. 

What advice would you give a potential adopter?
DO IT! These horses are wonderful, and they have been professionally trained and had the best veterinary care available. It is a wonderful feeling to know that you were integral in helping these horses to have a life after retirement from racing.  Retired from racing, not life is a true statement!

About Dr. Blackwell
Dr. Blackwell graduated from Mooresville High School in 1991.  She and her family have lived in Morgan County for over 100 years and she is invested in this community.  She attended Purdue University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science in 1995 and then went on to Purdues' Veterinary School and graduated in 1999.  She has a special interest in Equine Practice and started Horse & Hound in 2003 as an all ambulatory practice.  Dr. Blackwell has been a certified veterinary chiropractor since 2000 and is now starting her acupuncture training. Having an interest in lameness and diagnostics, Dr. Blackwell enjoys continuing education and the newest technology.  She is
also a very large advocate for the horse. She sits on the board of several 501 C3 rescues and participates in rehabilitation and adoption.  She is a member of the AAEP, IAEP, AVMA and IVMA. Her hobbies include three day eventing, dressage, trail riding, fishing, hunting and above all family time.

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