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State Line Tack gives back

State Line Tack gives back

State Line Tack recently donated a month of returns from their company totaling roughly $34,000.  Pallets of boots, blankets, clothes, tack, dog crates, poured out of a U-Haul while our team's months dropped to the floor. This has proven to be an incredible fundraiser for our organization, as well as outfitting our horses with blankets, hay nets, and other goodies.  We cannot thank them enough for their generosity! Pictured is Amaoldfashiondgirl showing off her new blanket.

Update: Stateline Tack has graciously donated another 24 pallets to us! We will be holding a sale at our retraining facility March 3rd and 4th - all proceeds going to the horses. We are thrilled! 

Shop with them and tell them you appreciate what you did for the horses at Friends of Ferdinand! 


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  • Elle Welch