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A Halloween update on Hillbily Babe!

A Halloween update on Hillbily Babe!

Below is an update on Hillbily Babe: A 2011 mare with 26 starts under her belt, earning just over $18,000. Ashlee adopted Bily as an event prospect based on her athletic build and sweet disposition. We are thrilled these two found each other, be sure to look for them leaving the startbox in 2018! 

"Bily's been really good, we’ve been XC schooling a few times and she can’t get enough! She tries to drag me into the prelim questions when we’re working on starter, I love it! The other day she was totally exhausted and was STILL trying to jump, I had to get off and walk back to the trailer so she knew I was serious. She’s been very flexible and adjustable, everyone’s impressed with her. She’s also getting a new bates innova dressage saddle so we can really start to get serious about dressage. She’s a little wary of new people, but will warm up to just about anyone the second time meeting them. However, she LOVES one of my students Ashley (I think it’s because she always has cookies to catch her horse)." 


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  • Elle Welch