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The best Route isn't always the fastest..

The best Route isn't always the fastest..

Nicki adopted Route Seven, a 2012 Indiana bred gelding owned by Michael and Penny Lauer, in 2016.  Bringing up a green young horse can get pretty interesting, and both Nicki and Seven are enjoying the ride! Check Nicki's update of how Seven is doing in his five year old year:



 As much as I would love to say we are taking the polo world by storm that is not the case. With the winter off we started back into work this March. I will say I was impressed by how well he came back and think the break allowed him to mature physically a bit. I have more to sit on now 😉.

We stick and balled and even did a little one on one practice with another horse. But he wasn't feeling as balanced or responsive as I would like to put him in a match. He is still five after all. While we did do a few scrimmage chukkas early in the season I didn't want to push things. On one hand I suspect a professional could and would have kept right on playing. But I am not a pro and a large part of Sevens appeal when I adopted him was that he is and remains ammy friendly. So we have been "grounded" which is to say working on lots of basics under saddle and on the lunge at home. Prompt responses, always answering with forward, accepting contact, transition, balance.

Seven keeps everyone entertained! 

I honestly don't mind. Sure it would be nice to have all of that stuff magically there, of course. But spending the time to make sure all the basics are solid seems well worth it and will serve us not only in polo, but in eventing and hunting which we also hope to pursue.

My hope is that in fall we can start attending some hunts in third field (aka they become more like hound walking with some traffic and ideally watching what the fast crowd does from the "hilltops") and also that we mix back in some slow arena scrimmages in polo. But if anything that has been reinforced with a young horse we will take things as they come. Testing the waters a little is fine and I expect to, but we won't rush anything and hopefully that will pay off in the long run!!



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